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1. Candyman

Born after civil war; Daniel Robitaille was son of slaves; was an artist; A rich farmer asked him; To picture his daughter; they fell in love; She got pregnant; Her father sent many after him; They've...

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2. Face To Face

Who's around you? How much supports have you got? Be yourself and don't hide it; Trust those who will betray you; Anger and aggravation; Created by your small deed; Your happiness causes grief; By you...

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3. Pátria Amada

As margens plácidas; Da mãe gentil; Falta comida e educação neste Brasil; Ando nas ruas; Jogo com a sorte; Desafio nosso peito a própria morte; Ò pátria amada; Idolatrada; Salve das ruas toda nossa cr...

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4. Technologic Pain

Man believes so much in his technologic; evolution; That gives his own life to it; What kind of evolution takes lives instead of; giving them? Every passing day the intellectual animal; Deceives himse...

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5. Violence And Blood

The world, a battlefield; Poor human beings; Killing each other; Without compassion; Throughout each day; The deadly spit of fire; That spills of every gun created by man; Kills himself; Violence and ...

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