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1. Before It's Too Late

Here I go again, trying to be the same; Cause my life is full of doubts; Green gnomes through the door; What they're looking for? I just can say goodbye for love; But when you smile and cry; Don't be ...

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2. Mil Coisas

Nunca imaginei que algum dia eu acabaria assim; Gostando tanto de você; Sempre que eu te vejo; Me vem logo um desejo de estar perto; Perto, perto de você; Lembra aquele dia que eu não descansaria; Enq...

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3. Remember To Close The Door

Oh uoh oh oh; One time at least; You need to fight against; The "you" that disagree, my love; Love can fade away, but no one ever say; "you love me, I trust in you"; And there's a hardness in your hea...

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4. Rise From The Ashes

It's easy to say; but it's hard to explain to yourself and your heart; And now it's too late; the words that you say still hurts me so much; But now that you're gone; my heart can go on a little more ...

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5. She's Like The Moon

I woke up sunday morning to have sometime with you; We walk on through the sands; we left our footsteps like a clue; You try to read a book, some boys play with the sands; and while you're busy for me...

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6. Soulmate

Walking through the rules; but always looking to the clouds; A few times I think about a soulmate; Open up your mouth and find out how loud you can scream; Sing some kind of love song for your soulmat...

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