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1. Alison

And oh Alison; Why'd you have to bring up love? And oh Alison; I was only having fun; I dont want to watch you cry; Knowing I'm to blame; Weren't we just waking up our neighbours; Oh but they hurt you...

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2. Build It Up

How we gonna get back up from under; The place you were trying; To keep me full; Am I gonna wake up and I wonder; How far away it is from; A finger to the gun; You're comming onto one; OOh; We don't h...

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3. Elsewhere

Stepping on my toes; I think its clear that everybody knows; I don't believe in anything they say; I don't belive in anything they do; I just don't buy it; You don't have to be; The girl that all thes...

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4. Happy

Can I tell you something? Promise you won't tell; I am losing faith in god; And I'm not taking this well; I'm becoming someone; Only someone sick could love; Only one thing left to want before; We com...

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5. Melt

Fog out your car and drive around; Do you have somewhere to be? Instead we could keep making out, to 98 degrees; I feel like I; Could die, beside you; With anyone else it's not the same; And I would d...

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6. Mom Jeans

I kinda like the old you, better than the new you; I wish I had the nerve to tell you why; But I never say it to you; Remember in our first year; That was quite a long year; Bigger better plans got th...

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7. Santa Fe

Tonight I'm gonna break your heart; A million tiny perfect shards; Shattered all across the yard, buried in the snow; It's come to this now I'm afraid; Though we had several perfect days; But when I f...

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