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1. Back In Your Head

Build a wall of books between us in our bed; Repeat, repeat the words that I know we both said; Relax into the need; We get so comfortable; Remember when I was so strange and likeable; I just want bac...

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2. Bombs Away

I'll find my feet; Exactly where I left them; When you took them from me; And pushed me away; But I'm still standing; Even though my knees are weak; I'm a brave new soul; I have something to say; [Cho...

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3. Brighter Lights

Sir, shake my hand- it's a pleasure to meet you; I'm not trying to waste your time; my name is Miserable & Full of Regret; but, i'm trying to change that line; up in my head are all the times that i'v...

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4. Don't Quit! Not Quite!

You know it’s a cloudy day here; Spring will be well worth the wait; I’ll be sure to greet the sunshine; To the frozen buckeye state; Along with the warmer weather; I think you might thaw my heart; Af...

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5. Goodnight, Moon

she said it's three AM; and everybody else is fast asleep in bed; and i can't seem to find the switch to turn the lights off; even though you need to fall asleep; Goodnight moon; I'll close my eyes, o...

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6. Happy To Share

Can you see on the old marquee; it is Christmas, and we both agree; it's so pretty, but i guarantee; it's not half as pretty as you; the streetlights are glistening; and the carols that children sing;...

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7. In Colour

The rocket that sits in my garage; It runs on hopes and dreams; And it’s bursting at the seams to get out of this town now! I’ve got a map of the universe and don’t know where to go first- But I’ll br...

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8. Leap Before You Look

Fifty years from now, when the government controls our minds; Will I still dream about home under the Vanilla Skies; Well, I could call up an architect; And she could construct for me, I bet; A novel ...

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9. Louder Than Words

It's a beautiful day outside, Everything is okay and alright. Your smile is a vast contrast from the things we said last night. (oh, last night); Why did I say that line? If I shut my mouth, we'd be f...

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10. Movie Song

Why don't you take me; Back to the beginning of this movie; Before the scenery changed what we could be; Now, we aren't the same as we were; Before the problems; If I knew any better, I could solve th...

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11. Nothing At All

The both of us are heart beat and bone and bone; Grinding our teeth in our heads; So how can I justify as if I were not alone; That I am somewhat human instead; With little expectation before my own e...

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12. Right Here

Roll down the window; I see nothing but the sun; I know I tried to run last night; But now I'm gonna do it right; Your eyes are shining; Even though we're still so young; I can tell you baby, honestly...

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13. The Point

You can do whatever you want you're not stuck with me. I'll tell you one thing we make history; You and Me; You're getting closer now; Its getting better now; But you're still so far gone; And I to th...

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14. We Are Electric

I'm looking through eyes wide as the sun; They tend to look back to when I was younger; Though whenever I keep them open too long; They feel the burn and begin to water; If I could find the one; That ...

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15. Where You Are

Here I am, wide awake; You're so many miles away; There you are; Eyes close tight behind your door; There's this thing, gravity, Yeah, it keeps me on my feet; Oh, how I wish I could let it go, And lea...

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