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1. Curse The Space

Curse the space; That separate us; From the people we love; Fall asleep on clouds; Let the sunshine in; Everyone can tell; We have our own language; We are some miles away; We won't talk about him tod...

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2. Issues

I can't remember exactly what you said; The same as you, the same as everyone else; I read the letter one more time; Pretending I was fine; So many thoughts in my head; While I listen to the song you ...

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3. Roy

Over the course of two very busy and exciting weekends in new york; And tokyo I met this; Very strange and toxic boy named roy; He sees everyone at his school as tigers; And then he called me and woke...

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4. Time Machine

You say it ain't easy to keep walking without me; But you're so blinded right now; You promise you'll be nice; If I stay by your side; You always perform as the ghost in the movie; And kill your emoti...

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5. Too Early

We have this idea of eachother in our heads; We could listen to all those songs we've shared; We should go to the beach, and make our playlist; Imagining there's nothing to worry about; Too early for ...

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