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1. Closer To You

Welcome to the future; A mirror of the past; The flags and faces change; But the hatred always lasts; The weapons now more deadly; Pain and death take you fast; Man never learns from his mistakes; Des...

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2. Fields Of Death

No more of what we know; It's lost in a nuclear cloud; So many so hungry so mad; Painful death takes the crowd; Cry out but never heard; Machine is huge and loud; War machine; War machine; Grinding, s...

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3. Racial Slaughter

I can feel a few things; Brewing up in my mind; And it's all consuming; I've left what I once was behind; See I've had it so easy; Or at least I misunderstood; But kissing her made me greedy; Now I wa...

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4. Sardonicus

There was a night; Death grinned with delight; At the ghoulish deed of a fool; To an old grave; Where his father is lain; He sought a fortune untold; Fear turns to fright; A cold hellish sight; A sard...

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5. Twice As Bright

Living on the razor's edge; Speed demon inside my head; He's racing round and round; Look at the fool he's found; Exceed to excess; I just can't take the stress; Another mortal sin; Speeding to the en...

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