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1. Everybody

Monday we fell in love; Tuesday drew up the pre-nup; A long slide from the carriage; To the pearly gates; You're bouncing on the; Bed of nails i lay; Everybody wants somebody; Chasing dreams; They all...

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2. Just Another Day

(hess); Souls collide; Stars aligned; When i found you; Endorphine highs; Cloud my mind; Still i look for you; And i fumble through the maze; And your hiding when i; Thought i found you; Just another ...

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3. Look Right Through Me

(hess); Lately i'm in an unfamiliar place; Feeling like i'm only filling space; I'm a ghost here; Invisible; And much too clear; Cuz you look right through me; Ya don't even know i'm alive; Scattered ...

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4. Miles Away

I rehearsed; All the things that i would say; To you; But the words; They come out differently; Then all the rules have; Reversed; Turned a new page; And from you i drift away; This growing concern; I...

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5. Sentimental Blvd (2003)

(Hess); I Was Fooled By Your; Devil's Disguise; I've Been Rained On Enough; Now The Sun Won't Rise; It Seems I've Been Wasting My Time; Carrying The Weight Of The World; And There's No End In Sight; N...

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6. The Deep End

Ya i know how you feel; I've been in your world; It's not all looking bleak; No, it's looking worse; I heard you're leaving; For the deep end; Diving into; Oceans of blue; And they're throwing you; Le...

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7. Two Ways

I can't find the way; Feeling lost all day; And all that i fear; Has come true; There's nothing new; The falling sky's are; Black then blue; Waiting for the; Hammer to fall; Now there's two ways; To w...

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8. Undone

(Hess); You Turn Around You Blink An Eye; You Look Away; And You Feel As Though; You're Headed For The Drain; You're At Eight Lives You've Severed Ties; With THe Human Race; Nothing Will Change; Nothi...

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9. Uphill Climb (bonus Track)

When the world comes; Tumbling down; And it's over; Over; And i'm nowhere; To be found; And you're all undone; Then a ray; Of new hope finds; One light in dark times; Ending the feeling; That there's ...

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10. Wasted Away

As you walk; Through the years; You stumble upon things; You haven't done; Many thrown to the sea; But one love still makes; Me regret it all; Yesterday i'm in the middle; Of overthrowing worlds; Toda...

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11. Why

I know the reason; I haven't seen your face; In a long long time; But you found me; To tell me that you're rich; And you got a new ride; I think that it's so good; I'm excited i'm so happy for you; I ...

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