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1. Mental Electricity

In the name of the war; Hunger, blood, air and fire; He travels his mind; By celestial signs, Blood-thirsty flashes; So that to trample the body of mankind; Down in the tragic moan.... To sink in the ...

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2. Numbness Part II

Numb, silent, smiling she was sitting; In the dusty armchair, The horizon was blurred in front of the tired eyes; Tangled, messy moments; Gained meaning for a second; Having become an opposite to imag...

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3. Through Drowsy Daydreams

Tracing the pale of the mind, I am surging into the abyss; Memorable moments... Tracing your helplessness; And then I disappear; Into the depth of the gloomy mind, So that Through drowsy daydreams; I ...

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