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1. Addiction

I can't shake this gaze; It's tattooed on my brain; And I think I'm goin' insane; Insane; She's locked her sights on me now; She's goin' in for the kill; Somebody save me; Cause I just can't save myse...

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2. As The City Sleeps

Take me by the hand; Cause I can't see what this night will bring us; I'm tempted by the light; It's all around you and I; Board up your windows; And lock up all your doors; Cause you don't have a clu...

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3. Crash And Burn

Look out cause I don't know where this planes gonna crash; Were going down and I'm still dizzy from the attack; Wait a second someone tell me what the hell happened here; It's time to bail... are you ...

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4. The Struggle

Leave all your cards; Facing down; Hide your face; And make no sound; And I know that you're here; But it feels like you're gone; And you won't face your fear; This has gone on too long; Your shutting...

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