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1. A Grant To Te Wind

Through the dimensional; Confusion of survive; I drink what remains; Of the autumn of life; Sleeping lives by the moon’s lullaby; A grant to the wind; I am the sand that flies in the wet wind; Through...

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2. Innocence Bleed Innocence

Do we come from where those dreams come? Do we come from here? Yeah; Innocence bleed innocence; So can’t you see the fear? Yes you can see the way…. A voice to forgive…. to forgive…; Oh immortality; S...

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3. Kill The Sun

Feel the embrace; I'm touching all your skin; You're all the sins; Be my disease today; And I've learned; How easy; to Kill the Sun to you; See my flesh cries out; When fall into this dream; We are on...

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4. Preach And Live

Please.... I really want some more; You promised me…; I took a little gore; And you left me; The more you want it; The more obsessed you end up being; (The more obsessed you will be); run into my vein...

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5. The Mirror's Inversion

I awake the sweet creatures of shadows; Live and love with the moon and the stars; I open the doors to the mountain; You close the hearts with my embrace; …I am the diary of innocent plagues; Forbidde...

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6. The Winter Of Soul

Lets make his light a little weak; I will not wake you, but we can fall into this; ; It’s Curdled now…; All this Blood in your face doesn’t shine anymore; All that desire that lies in our souls; Spitt...

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7. When They Awake

our pride paint the sky with a bitter emptiness; Enter my cold world of desire; Close the embrace with my heart; Whispering the infinite; My children spread my shadow; When they awake; Look into my po...

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