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1. All The Masters

His mantle occult his million of faces; Comes the master walking from twilight; Throwning the seeds of stars, espheres of life; From his magic hands, he is the lucified; At his surround our spirits to...

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2. Ancestors Of The World

All the ocultism of sabatian rituals; Celebrates the birth; Of the chosen ones; Giant salamander sings with his ignious voice; Dancer flare, Dances according to the wind!!! Cyclone of fire, waves in s...

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3. Blood Soaked Flautist

Thunders are like voices of gods in wrath; Lightning mould the silhouette of wet flautist; The flute confuses the sad melody of rain. The muddy way guides the step thru the forest; Rays mould the dark...

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4. Devastating Winds Of Apocalipse

Sorcerers sing forbidden songs with a single voice; Invoking forbidden spirits, celebrating the pentagram; Slender angels are armed to defend the giant fortress; The true light is also in the dark lik...

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5. Empire Of Metal

Hey warriors; Welcome to the world of... metal... Our brothers fell in glory; Make us immortals... Will be remembered in blood for the future generation... And for us will be celebration... In our spi...

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6. Ritual Of The Drunken God!!!

And then young woman dance in my reverence; And the shaman offers her to me shedding her virgin blood. Burning her body in a sacred bonfire, conducting her soul; Protected under the kingdom of my domi...

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7. Strong And Serene

I know who you are that walks on the mist. In woman form, but a seducer. Singing this melody and enchanting the mortals. The death is so beautiful under the moonshine. When the currents are calm... It...

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8. Under The Gás Lamp Half-light

The gas lamp that illuminates the pier walk; Attention to the woman that holds it; The stumble look in yours, that wonders; That involve, transmit the message; Telepathically she already awaits for me...

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