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1. Dragon Domain

It was in the long gone days of old; When the mighty master of darkness; Hit the earth with his terrible mace; And tremendous tumults shook the soil; Amidst vast vapours of fire and dust; A great moun...

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2. Horns Of War

In a silent morning haze, under desolate trees of old; loom scattered shelters of some infantry troops. Dawn burns east as every morning yet some unknown; tension freezes the air and the warriors grow...

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3. Lamenting Shield-Maid

She was not raised in garden of peace, where; sunbeams play in blooming trees. She was told; to be born in battle and brought up among; dismal and death. Skilled in the craft of killing; and fight, th...

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4. The Cruel Bard

This is the lay of the cruel bard; He wrote it himself in his perilous youth; And nobody knows and no other lay tells; If fate finally gave him a lesson or no; He was a bard as anyone else yet nature ...

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5. Wolfghosts (In Winter)

Beyond the invisible girdle of north; Lies the well-hidden castle of frost; And the paths to its towers, carved in ice. Are guarded by wolves of ominous size. ; Great are their numbers in winter's rea...

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