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Letra da Música Iris de Hercules And Love Affair

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She carries news travels
By rainbow
Bearer of peace with a
Message for all
Today you'll dance,
You'll share each other
Elders will stumble,
The babies will crawl

Put down your weapons, put
Down your chosen ones
Put on your best clothes,
Stand straight and tall
Don't give up on your desire,
I can understand your thirst
Put another one before yo,
Help someone else first

Today is a day for
Someone else,
Today is a day for
Someone else
Today is a day for
Someone else
This moment is yours and you
Can give it to someone else

Put down yout weapons,
Put down your chosen ones
Leave expectations at the door
You are your brother
You are your sister
Communication, start
Giving more

Don't stop believing,
Continue to give praise
Your exaltation is a good thing
Just take those teachings,
The ones of light
Of celebration, and start to sing

Ficha Técnica da Música Iris

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Número de Palavras 116
Número de Letras 864
Intérprete Hercules And Love Affair

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