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1. Burning Bridges

I'm not here to save your world, to save your soul, or watch it burn. Call me what you like, your words don't mean a thing. I'm gonna live, die without shame, when I'm broken and bleeding, ill be the ...

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2. Call To Arms

My fists are clenched, my knuckles white, to all religion, I take this fight, to the gates of heaven, to the gates of hell, Neither will survive what I threaten. I've choked I've coughed on all these ...

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3. Face Your Defeat

Breaking down the walls we were forced to build, breaking down your walls, Liberating the victims you prayed on, the victims you deceived, A new day has dawned, no longer in denial, waking up won't wa...

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4. Hero

You've taken from us a chance to see. Punishing others for your crime, another taken before their time, death of a hero. Gunned down for what, and your perception of feeling. What we loved now dead in...

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5. Innocent Seven

Stalked and taken from the world, forced into a place of filth. You raped, you murdered and walked away. No justice to be placed on you, No fucking revenge. Taking your life isn't worth shit, you thin...

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6. Kettlebell

A daily struggle, pushing further and further, one step above yesterday, Today is one step above the rest, overcome every Boundary, Destroy the path in front of me, The only one to bring me down is my...

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7. Lock & Load

Stand tall, side by side, there's no fear in our eyes, we're owed so much, We're not gonna let it die, you talk of pain, but what have you felt, Compared to the emptiness we've felt through all our li...

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8. Neck Up

Tear out pages of you past so no one knows who you really are. Leave behind what they accept, not you, fuck what you've became. If people could see the fake under your skin, See that names aren't wort...

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9. No Heaven. No Hell

No more what you know, no more how you feel, my past is well behind me, And what was taught was not enough to break me, you can't say whats good or evil, Don't tell me whats right or wrong, neither si...

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10. The Revelation

Tables turn today. Day after day, what have we done for us, each minute we live, what have they done for us. This isn't real. This is a lie. Leave us alone, leave us today. A choice we have to make, a...

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