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1. Ghosts Of The Attic

This house is haunted by ghosts; And they've been talking about us; Like vultures to the dead; They circle around us; And how I've been begging for air; But I'll just keep dreaming darlin'; And hope f...

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2. I'll Be For You

Slow it down; Take a breath and close your eyes; Hang on tight and don't look back; Underneath it all we're just the same you and I; So don't go telling me you're fine; I'll be the flowers that they p...

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3. Little Miss Obvious

I bet you've never felt so distant; Yet we're close enough to touch; Keep bringing that heavy breathing; The game is on; You are just a little too easy; And I try my best to crack a smile; Keep holdin...

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4. Rivals

We're at the edge of the city; See the flames up in the sky; Now the children break the silence; Singing all through the night; Maybe we're not made for these things; But honestly I've never felt like...

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5. Roses

The empty streets; A kiss in the back seat; As we're going faster and faster; The bittersweet taste of you and me; As we're head first into disaster; My words fade in the rain of bad excuses; My body ...

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6. Serenade Of Dream

We run fast, we run fast; Don't stop and never look back; We're somewhere between the sky and the sun; That saves us; Come on, come on; Dance to the beat of this song; We're somewhere between the sky ...

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7. Some Live Their Lives

All hope dead, just one last touch; This nightmare finally came true; We're too young to be alone; As you sucked the life from this world; How about spending new years in a hospital bed; And just a si...

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8. This Is Who We Are

We could never put this in context; We could never figure this one out; The air is getting colder by the minute; And every moment feels like a thousand years; March through the streets; A splendid par...

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