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Letra da Música Epona (part I) de Heol Telwen

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Beyond the forests and moors of Gaul,
And Till the edge of our world
I’ll ride toward my destiny
And follow the paths of the Sidh

Oh Goddess of Horses
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

Alone, leaving those blessed lands
My heart is filled with pain
Unknown kingdom, call me at him
My last journey begun…

Oh Goddess of Horses
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

Pale shade galloping towards the horizon
White steed surrounded by an aura of gold

My eyes drown in the tears of my loneliness
None shall witness when Ankou will take me

Ride, Goddess, Ride
Lead me to the shores of Tir Na Nog

In my ride Epona lives
Towards etherate lands, She guides my wandering
Arrived on the golden sands, last boundaries
Immortal Islands call me to leave

Beyond the realm of the ancient Celts
Across the sea in the domain of Gods
I’ll proudly join back my strong Ancestors
Without fear guides by the horses

Ficha Técnica da Música Epona (part I)

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Número de Palavras 144
Número de Letras 875
Intérprete Heol Telwen

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