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1. Action In My World

Rebel and wild that´s my style; Drinking and driving all the time; Rockabilly music it´s fire; Taking place is my desire; I don´t care what the people say; Whiskey Jack Daniel´s runs in my veins; Don´...

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2. Believe Me

Baby, I want your kisses everyday; Don´t close your heart, don´t leave me this way; I believe in destiny; I know your mystery; Believe me and open your heart; Baby, I know you are always on my mind; T...

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3. Blue Moon In The Sky

I´m walking on the street tonight; I know you always on my mind; Lonesome tears in my eyes; I want to live with you side by side; Alone on the street; I´m looking for you but I only see; Blue moon in ...

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4. Hard Days

Baby I still wait for my day; And I’m sure that I can find another way to be happy; Hard Days, Hard Days... ; We thought those very sad hard days, I know; But we can say we got a reason to love; Hard ...

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5. I Want Fun

On the Road, in old blue jeans; Satisfaction, I like this; With emotion, I live for the world; I want fun; It is now, now, now; I´m not feeling down; I should leave now; I want fun; I’ve forgot the pa...

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6. Pretty Girl

This saturday night; All the time; I want you; In your eyes; I feel the fire; I want you pretty girl; I always want to be your side; Shaking the whole time; I want you pretty girl; Enter in my car; We...

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7. Race Nights

It’s race night; Without fear of flying; I enter in my hot rod car; I want pure fire; Danger the whole time; That’s good for my eyes; I’m ready; Ready for madness; I don’t close my eyes for the danger...

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8. Red Hot Girl

I got a little girl that charmed my eyes; She lights my desire every night; I let to take myself when kisses me twice; I know this night will be nice; Red hot girls I want to be in your way; Red hot g...

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9. Rockabilly Party

All Right; There’s rockabilly party tonight; I’m ready man; Everything is gonna be alright; Don’t worry, mama; I love this game; The rockabilly music beat in my veins; That’s my life; Rockabilly all t...

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10. Rumble Hell Cat

Leather Jacket; Grease in the hair; Solitary Rocker without many affair; Rumble Hell Cat Oh Yeah; Rumble Hell Cat Oh Yeah; Walking on fire; Rebel and wild; Poison in your smile Oh Yeah; One more drink...

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11. Smile My Darling

Smile my darling; Smile to me; Give me happy moments; And come back to home; I want you, I love you baby; Give me your smile on more time; Give me your hand, kiss me again; Baby, please come back to h...

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12. Solitary Cowboy

I’m lone, I’m so lone everyday; I’m lone, in my horse by everyway; Only the girl of my mind, will bring happiness to my heart; And I’ll never stay alone every day; Tell me star, shining in the sky; Wh...

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13. That's Paradise

I know what to do; Because I love you; I love you so much; I want a lot to do; Everything for you; Really much more; I want to know, to say; Romantic words for you every day; One more smile; With beau...

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14. To Renew

I don’t want to dream no more; I want to live, my life for sure; I know very well; To renew; I really felt so strange; I don’t wanna fool myself anymore; I don’t wanna mess up my main chore; I know ve...

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15. Tonight Is The Night

When you close your eyes; Something always lives; Nothing holds my heart; Don’t leave me alone this night; Oh, please don’t close your eyes; Give me your beautiful smile; That way; Oh, baby, tonight i...

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