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1. All I Got

[Verse 1: Hendersin]; Yeah we going in again this is that intrusion; Spending like we got them ends this is that conclusion; You should bring your friend again; I find that shit amusing; Take a shot, ...

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2. In Love

Sleepin' through the day; Wake up with champagne; Roll me an ay; I told my mother I would quit, what can I say? I'm still breathing; Falling in love every evening; So we just gonna stay; Teenage dream...

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3. No Plan B

If I rap it then I live it; My all, I gotta give it; They know I'm here to rivet; Won't fall because I pivot; I feel like I'm the beacon; Of hope because I'm speakin'; These other rappers peakin'; So ...

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4. Shine

Aw, yeah; Yuh-yuh; Aw, yeah; Yuh; Aw, yeah; Yo, yo; I know it seems far, but you're closer than you think; Complaining what's remaining can be draining like a sink; 'Cause life moves fast, you can mis...

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5. Strings

I'ma start on three; Time to play the keys I'ma start on c; Had to pay dues, had to start on free; Before I can help you I gotta start on me; I mean I've never been the type to, type you; Never feels ...

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6. Thinking Of You

And so the questions that you've chose to ask; "Will it be better where we're going? "; And though the answer I don't know, for a fact; Still my heart is saying, "ohh-yeah"; Still just taking it, one ...

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7. Uncharted (Feat. Sara Bareilles)

Compare where you are to where you; Want to be, and you'll get nowhere; I ain't ever felt a pain like this; I go and take a shot and I ain't going miss; But, I still got a whole another round; Head ab...

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