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1. Basking In The Darkness

BASKING IN THE DARKNESS-why? A black rose-a dead hand; be of the strong seems i cannot stand; Hiding-fighting; just pretending to ignore it all; nightmares-this fear; of the one who has killed you all...

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2. Conniption Fit

I want to thank you for feeling insane; You could not make up your mind; Demented and insane; Conniption fit; Thank you for being; So strange if you had gone through with it; Demented and insane; I wo...

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3. Crooked Smile

A broken promise; consumed by lies; a crooked smile; despise; a reputation of filth and greed; spread the toils empty; not a day goes by without your lies; a treachery; a rotten core; wolf in sheeps c...

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4. Kill Your Children

Too weak to overcome; Scrambled lineage; confused kindred; reckless decisions; crying, screaming; pleading for harmony; our world is ugly; our families hideous; beauty; beauty is in the family; the co...

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5. No Money No Love

Rat races leaves a pale face-; An empty heart with a dead taste-; You left me with a cold space-; Our friendship is now a disgrace; No money no love-; An empty wallet wipes away your smile-; I wanta l...

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6. Pigeonholed

From your own mold-pigeonholed-mold; you can pain yourself into a corner; or you can- you can paint yourself a new world-or; week by week and day by day; what is all of it anyway; looking forward to f...

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7. Sour

Sour-will you live to see the day; you finally rid the bitter taste; are you falling like a coward; do you feel a little bit.. sour; Sour... are you gonna stoop to a coward; are you gonna leave it sou...

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8. The Sky Is Falling

The sky is falling-abaft memories of my youth-; all those years i longed for truth-; now i see that it's all lies-; there is no truth-your youth is dying-; falling to draw the blinds on nothing inside...

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9. To The Nines

A constant crave to consecrate within my own burning fire; obliquity and nothingness never could find the desire; conformity and null judgement never made residence; within-accomplishing a complete ha...

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