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1. Fly By Night

He was fighting in the nightmares of a child; crushing the importance of the king; He will want to break his sword; he's riding in the shadow of a wing; Ride, go inside; Three-headed demons; Fly by ni...

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2. Heavy Metal Night

At the break of dawn; we turn the gear on; Can't wait to start to play, for us there is no other way; So loud, so proud, the smoke is on as if there really was a crowd; Tonight we'll show them all; th...

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3. Killed By A Reaper

This is the land of the thousand dreams; Hear the victim cry; This is the part where the fire; please kill them for me; please kill them for me; The reaper is gone, where has he gone (Reaper); The rea...

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4. Swing The Studded Mace

Black axe meets white shield; heavily-armoured vanguard; stop in a gesture on the battlefield; let's go; The troop approaches; A sight that almost drowns in its might; Although outnumbered; you have t...

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