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1. Dawn Of Apostasy

Writhing through pain, laying battered insane; Reaching forth; Souls that surround, a conscious evil compound; Consuming me; Cost to commit to despairity's sin; Measured only by time; As lost as the l...

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2. Mordirivial Dissemination

crionic sleep; endless fathoms hold the past; soon unleashed; now our time to be his last; structured futility; man adheres to make a stand; reaching forth; bleeding hands of the damned; seismic slaug...

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3. Purveyor Of Fear

the creations of his mind; persistent in his quest; admonishment of life; obsessive viscious death; monuments of fortune; remnants in the past; destruction comes unto thee; ino fire all are cast; exis...

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4. Pyrophoric Seizure

of elements unknown to thee; consumation, initial plea; burning within, burning out with; highest degree, death your gift; strainging heat, critical mass; painless life now is your past; internal crem...

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5. Satan's Wrath

from blackened earth to poisonous skies; the pains and fears are here; once we thought, now we know; now we disappear; searching for the reasons why; what has caused this pain; answers as elusive as h...

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6. Sentient Transmography

led astray from sovereign tranquil ways; sinful usurper emotionally manipulates; all is seazed by the gleam in her eye; misguided pawn silently cries; prevalent untruth indignifies; lying, cheating, u...

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7. Terraasymmetry

vitiate, when with which man consumes all; zymoticize, vile purge; disgorgency, streaming death before us; maculate, suffering; while we wait watching the river of life, depleted through greeds mind; ...

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8. Viral Exogence

laying within a body without; a mind, a soul, a will, a doubt; no searching, no seeing, no finding, no being; feelings once felt, a distant dream; kept within a place unknown; bred for blood, you're n...

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