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1. Desert Ghost

Searching for magic; the kind that hides in the sand; We drank the brew; the spell was cast and done; Night fell upon us; the darkness swallowed the sun; Everything faded around me; and I was alone; W...

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2. Die!

As we rape the earth; we are the ones who dies; After the last tree fell; who do you think would still survive? Ashes fill my lungs as I try to breath; And everything that grows in this barren land; i...

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3. Fear the War Machine

I see thru the waves; Bodies showing up in the shore; For trying to scape; A war they did not asked for; Violence in every street; Soldiers and their war toys; The reason it came to be; The world chos...

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4. Omen

They can feel it in the air; They can smell, it is everywhere; There's a shiver down their spines; Foretelling their disgrace tonight; Can't you see the bloody moon? The sign that their demise is comi...

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5. Raise Your Glass

A broken dam destroyed a entire town; And that was just the first strike; The poisoned mud now spreads thru river streams; Killing all the life within; So raise your glass; Let's take one for the road...

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6. Satan Free Me

I teared the mask of church; to scratch the face of god; But all I saw was hate and greed; the almighty was not there; I screamed and I defied, but no answer from him; And now I know that never will; ...

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7. You're Dead

Turn on the Tv to tell you what to be; A pawn in their schemes; A consume machine; You're dead; You're dead; Can't you realise it? You're already dead; You're dead; You're already dead; Can't you see?...

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