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1. Alone In The Night

The last keepsakes of you were; Taken with my tears by the dawn; For so long time I had to hold up; The nails in my heart; The loneliness was only friend that; I found to share my hopes; Here once aga...

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2. Breaking The Time

I know sometimes the days; Gone by very quick; So quick that my mind never rests; The time is running through; The world for you and me; The time's line follows to the end; Make your soul fly higher; ...

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3. Flames Of Fate

With hands of kness feeling the strong rain; Hearning the thunder that explodes in my heart; Feeling the wind that blows through my soul; Into the night something takes me ahead; Across the fears behi...

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4. Forever A Rebel

Walking in the dark unleashing in the beast; The blackness has my way to madness; Alone in the night,God send me a sign; My demons are drinking in my sadness; A little of life,how it's hard to reach o...

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5. Helltown

Delivery me like hostage taken; By some cold of night; I'm an outlaw riding the highway's; Burning side by side; Setting my visions to the world; I leave behind grave of my past; Becomes a test of lif...

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6. Higher Than You

Feel the hands of darkness; Touching on your back; It seems you're losing all control; Hearing all the same voices; They want to take you down; Sho who is slave and who's the lord; You don't know my w...

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7. In The Heart Of The Storm

Highlights above my face; Cover me when I'm alone; For so long time waiting; One fear,another life; Conspired forever to be; Immerge on the clouds; Conspired without secrets; To enter in the fight; In...

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8. Lead To Hell

Your faith doesn't scare me; But your fear to lose it; It frights me; I'll chalenge you with fire; Turning your God a simple liar; I can feel your desires; You cannot hide them from me; At night I hea...

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9. Reach The Highest Mountain

I took all my hopes to die... ; Without sense to the life; That's all I saw in my future; Ways to walk,paths for losers! Now I've seen the highest,highest mountain; To climb until reach the sky; Along...

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10. Run For Action

Double bet cause I need a good fight; Put more bullets on wheels of life; Can you feel,my heart is beating and my; Blood is adrenalized. ; Give me more, Give me more than I support; Out of the streets...

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11. Wanted

Behind the mountain with lion shape; They said that you were there; But you aren't here anymore; No time to erase your footsteps; When I'm near I feel you're afraid; You can't come back; Running for y...

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