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1. Futile Rebellion

War machine is rising; Humanity in chains; Victim to dictators; Slaughter of the innocent; Bringers of the omen; Writing on the wall; Driven by insanity; Enslavers of the infirm; Eugenic domination; T...

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2. Going For Glory

I will hold the power in my hands; Reaching out for what I want, I’m fighting ‘til the end; I will never stop or fail to try; I will be the best I can, I spread my wings and fly away; Going for the gl...

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3. Hate Song

Hate Song; Verse 1:; Rapt with raging fury - blood boils in my veins; Agonizing anger - is driving me insane; Hunger for destruction - spewing from within; Lust for retribution - misery and pain; Chor...

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4. Predator

Predator; Verse 1:; Concealed in darkness, a stranger in the night; With cold emotions I keep you in my sights; A slave to my desire, in vain I close my eyes; I feel it coming as the urge controls my ...

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5. The Undertaker

The Undertaker; Verse 1:; The blood red sun is rising in the distance; Casting shadows of two figures in the sand; They stand motionless, no fear in their eyes; Prepared to meet their fateful destiny;...

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6. Warlord

By the fading light of day, on bended knee I pray; I summon the gods of war, for strength and power; From blackness I was born, I ride upon the storm; Dark blood runs through my veins, I have no mercy...

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