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1. 55 Regrets

Can't ride 55; baby it's in my mind; It's all a systematic game; that we left behind; We've hit the limit; 'cause we've been down; this road before; There's nothing; in it for me anymore; Now I don't ...

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2. Chasing Satellites

If I told you alright, would you be back again? 'Cause if you told me tonight I'd be your now and then; But maybe baby you might be messing with me when; It's better if we just pretend that; One night...

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3. Hot Step

She's giving me the Hot Step; I saw it from a distance; Looking from behind me; I feel it all around me; We met at a disco; It started with a hello; And all I really want to know; Is how far it's gonn...

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4. Piece Of My Heart

You throw away the future we faced; You should've known better than to walk away; One last time; It's feeling like we're falling out of place; I think it's time to look inside look inside; Now look be...

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5. She Lies Like The Devil

There's no way to let go; 'Cause this night ain't over; And she said take me home; But I know that I told her; Stop 'cause it's killing me; and I won't try; Yeah and it's killing me; 'cause she lies; ...

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6. Take Me Away

Turning in the night is cold again; Broken down, alone and now; So many things are left unsaid; Misery has always been so strange; Wanna remember; When it wasn't easy to explain; Can you... can you ta...

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7. Things I've Become

Is it easy to explain; Burning pictures in the rain; While you tell me; that you're doing fine? Still your wrapped up in my head; Throwing flowers from the bed; And you tell me everything's alright; B...

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