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1. Acceptance

Never accept the suffering that goes on; To support america's lifestyle of destruction; It's all based on your greed

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2. Again And Again

construction all around; once green quickly turning brown; if this is bringing jobs; why no use all the empty; warehouses and factories; already in the city that the land was torn up for just a few ye...

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3. Army Of God

more idiotic rhetoric; pushing your shit on everyone around; your fanatical world view; makes me go mental; no life at all; just blindly follow; hate everyone not like you; too many dead cause of your...

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4. Cold Sweat

what a fucking nightmare; i'm living in a cold sweat; never going to end; how fucked is this place? how fucked up is this place? a terrorist to intelligence; a terrorist to the brain; i think i'm goin...

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5. Dengue's Mosquito

Pay attention when walk on the streets at night; The bastard dengue mosquito strike again; If this motherfucker bit you; Fever; Headache; Pain in the body; Bad stomach; I can't travel to see the gatin...

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6. Dynamite Up Your Ass

The succession continues; Of violent jerkoffs that; Are guaranteed to be the; Leaders of tomorrow; Frat house mtv spring break past; I wanna stick dynamite up your ass; On the sports team; At yuppie b...

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7. Easy Sell

tv constructs a view; visions of a simple black and white; looking for a scapegoat; bring on another disaster; propaganda has soaked your head; full of shit don't have a clue; easy answers to problems...

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8. Economic Survival

Fuck your economic survival; It's at everyone else's expense; Selfish fuck - give it up

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9. Game Of Death

nothing but text in a book to you; lives stolen in a game of death; a stance from thousands of miles away; what if you were in their shoes? think it's part of your politics; while your safe so far awa...

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10. Glory Days

you washed up losers are good for a laugh; living in sports bars wishing you could still kick some ass; glory days have long since passed; full of opinions no one wants to hear; still the same bore; y...

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11. I Love Punk I Love Thrash

i love punk i love thrash; stick that lame shit up your ass; no borders to friends of fucked up sounds; a network that lasts through the trends; smell of booze in the air; laughter rings out everywher...

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12. Martyr

love to hear yourself; but we don't give a shit; about your simple minded rhetoric; martyring bullshit wears thing; so high and mighty; you're so fucking boring

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13. Mining Town

Mining companies grow rich; Sending the slums they built; To an early grave; Exploiting generation after generation

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14. No More Favors

sure star war sounds great; shoot those missles down from outer space; yeah more cops is what we need; and let them do their job; great policies for me and you; i'm really glad they care so much about...

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15. Not Smooth Jazz

smooth jazz puts me to sleep; same age but were years apart; you laughed at those; who are just like you now; not cool in this expensive drink scene; punk ain't cool at 30 anymore; gotta get a respect...

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16. Outsiders

mountain torn in half; farms razed for suburbs; escape routes widen; draining the land; the land developers know how to pick a winner; the politicians know how to pick a winner; outsider..... kentucky...

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17. Punk For Dummies

they're around for a year or two; and they'll tell you what to do; but soon enough they'll be gone; after all the "in it for life" songs; phony bullshit stance; sounds good to the crowd; no thought be...

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18. Ride With Me

don't bring your pinata head around; don't want to ride with me; your body will end up along some road in a ditch; someone nobody wil miss; what a silly act you've got; an image with clothes you bough...

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19. Sensitive Elitist

I've been around your stupid ass; For far too long; And I've heard you say a million times; How everyone is so wrong; Don't get so sensitive on me; You need to know you're a pile of dogshit; I hate my...

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20. Sign Up

captain says i'm going far; war games get me hard; my country will be proud; of a man like me; didn't you see the ads; it's the skills i need; human target practice for fun; doesn't matter if i kill s...

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