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1. Darkness Ride

And I'm always on the road; Turning darkness into hope; Trying to find my way home; I'm feeling down you need to come; To heal the marks in my soul; Before my mind changes our course; I'm coming here ...

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2. Defender of Metal

Take the sword, Kill the enemies; And fight to our world, With all your courage; Save the Metal, Impulse the Blade; The time is short, Then you must win the battle; Horses run, Togheter with warriors;...

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3. Die For Glory

Long ago was born a man; Who wouldn’t fear no tyranny; And courage will lead; his way; To destroy a tyrant king; Slayers came and showed no mercy; Burned; down everything they see; They set his soul a...

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4. Gladiator

I am a Gladiator warrior, ; Prisoner of war; Be forced to fight in Westplace, ; I hope for my revenge; In a endless fight to survive, ; I fight against my brothers; So look around in blood split, ; I ...

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5. Hellish War

In a distant Land, When the magic is power; Many Kingdoms fight, Between themselves until death; Pré Chorus: With the force of warriors, Kill the bastards of war; Conjure up the spirits, to be the gu...

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6. Keep It Hellish

Coldness - a long awaited friend; We salute - for all your care and warmth; Embrace - what you've been given; A chance you seek - to raise your voice out loud; Listen - colliding grounds; Joining forc...

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7. Masters of Wreckage

Masters of wreckage; We rule the secrets; Infernal, blasphemed world; We kill the dragons; And haunt the beasts; Of your now destroyed world; Pillaging and killing; Raping the women; And leaving no me...

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8. Memories of a Metal

In a time when the battle, ; Were fought sword by sword; Only Metal power were real, thus was the law; At this epoch roamed without destiny; A brave warrior fighting silent; At the sound of his sacred...

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9. Metal Forever

The battle rages on; And we still ride; Filling with thunder and lightning the black of the night; Stronger than ever; We just can't fall; Hammers held high; The law of the blade still prevails; The p...

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10. Phanton Ship

Cursed ones, under the moonlight; Seeking forgiveness; From their darkest sins; Breaking the waves, sailing on for eternity; Rulers of the oceans; Waving their black flags of misery; Undead crew, sail...

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11. Reflects On The Blade

As soon as a promise is broken... You know it; The smell of betrayal is close... You feel it; No more stabs in your back... You've learned it; A light adorning your weapon... Reflection; Your past is ...

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12. Sacred Sword

In a world devasted by hate, ; There is little chance to survive; Violence and tragedy make the laws, ; Leaving everyone alert; Nowadays the world is not the same; In the past, Justice ruled; Only a g...

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13. Scars (Underneath Your Skin)

Scars underneath your skin; Shows who you really are; Tell tales of your sins; No time can heal it all; The hurt you feel within; Is the pain you've caused; The fear you avoid to face; Is to know who ...

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14. The Challenge

Sometimes you don't wanna know; What hurts your feelings and kills your soul; Your mind needs to keep control; Only in this way you'll rule the world; Ride the wind and face the game; Fight it hard an...

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15. The law of the Blade

In the age of wars, between the clans; Barbarians fought, against their enemies; With their, powerfull swords; For the simple, pleasure of killing; Fight; Europe living, in total terror; The germanic ...

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16. The Quest

Lost in space, trapped in a maze; My fears overwhelm my desires; Standing alone, away from home; Leading an army of shadow and fire; Ran outta faith, blind in this haze; Not knowing what's about to co...

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17. The Sign

The Sign God ask for blood, ; It is time to mortal combats; Arise the envoy of Odin, ; And the world will tremble; Then the sun disappear, ; And the world will live in darkness; Vikings will sail in a...

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18. We are living for the Metal

We are the knights of metal, Obsessed by victory; Feel the power of the blade, This is your destiny; Chorus: WE ARE LIVING FOR THE METAL; We are the brave seamesn, We face the evil spirits; Through th...

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