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1. Furrow

In these corners like cocoons; Lined with respiring relics; I study phonetics; Subtleties of facial expressions; Were we happy here? How will it end? Without a song a man aging got a friend; And the r...

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2. Nightliner Rhapsody

This is insulation for the night cold; A cigarette and a drink to lacquer over bones; You either kindle the blood or shiver yourself warm; And the precipice of joyous madness calls in me; Aren’t we ec...

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3. Quality Of Life

So if I've got your contempt, then know you've got mine; Covet a home of trinkets, living supine; So tell me what is real and all that constitutes that; A collared man breathes on your neck; They're o...

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4. Smile

I'm ready to run, are you ready? It's an open faucet of confluent bullshit; we're all one, trying to make the best of it; Now how much pain can I sustain? how much more can I inflict, is this it? You ...

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5. Thresher

[verse 1]; I hate the radio; Advertisements, morning show hosts; And every cop on the side of the road; Everything outside the windscreen disturbs me; But inside it’s worse; The thresher that we call ...

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6. X (Mwah)

It all set in so slow; There's no light; I fear the twilight of my prime; Because right now it feels so much; Like it's gonna be the end of my little life; I wanna drain the marrow 'fore I make old bo...

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