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1. Hang Over

Hang Over; Deep headache explodes your brain; You don’t know why but you are awake; You sware yourself you will never do it again; But surely you know you sware in vain; Hard to stand up, weakness pre...

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2. Hellsound

Hellsound; Each time this plague spread through the world; Individualist attitudes massacre mankind; Dreams of a better world blood stained; A race imprisoned by its own dark ambition; What hides behi...

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3. Sleeping Awake

Sleeping awake; Waking up in the middle of the night; Sweating and thinking of stop thinking; Crazy evil thoughts surrounds me; Always coming but never going; I’m trapped inside myself; Why can’t I co...

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4. The Evil We Create

It’s hard to understand our own race; Always destroying our own world; Each day more violence and pornography; Become more explicit and brutal; Our race is rotting; Each day more disoriented and lifel...

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