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1. Behind The Scenes

Remember the fact remember the life you destroyed; Your attention to the nothing is true; The pain of somebody no cause effect in you; The order of something dont disturb you; Pre-chorus; look in my e...

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2. Broken Ties

Deceit , illusion; cry , destruction; The past consumes thoughts and tracks; We don't see the things; As they are; As they are; Pre-Chorus; My Destination; My life; Do you trust me? Do you trust me? B...

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3. Captivity Of Babylon

Why That disbelief; The lie is permanent for them; walking to sacrifice; bleeding and steping; in the soil of the coursed; Sins in their hands; Living in Babylon; Opinions questions answers doubts; Th...

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4. Deathmatch

The humanity is crying; and this symphony destroy us; without it know, without it feel; the desperate shouts consummate us; with much anger; Burning the existence of the specie; Murder of Why; Reasons...

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5. Destroyed Mind

Destroyed Mind; The Starting of your hate; appears of mask; hiding your desires; hiding your thoughts; finishing with the route; If becomes a prision; many walls of blood; writing by hand of anger; st...

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6. Fight To Die

I will fight everyday; Everytime you kill me; What did you say? Never mind; It will never come back; When you have nothing to say; Look into my eyes; And feel the pain; Watch it all turns into ashes a...

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7. I Brought It

All that remains of the world; Holocaust war; Many dead corpses; The sorrow of the world; I brought it; Don't try to get out; Pre-chorus; Because i brought; Chaos in the earth; I brought many deaths; ...

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