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1. Bloodshed Around

Blame your damaged brain; Feeling small when; (it) discover why are we here for; When you unfold your eyes; The light makes you blind as it gets too bright; Trying to analyze; The reasons behind the b...

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2. Brand New Fear

Hollow; Dirty evil skins; All taken by sorrow; And pleasure screams; It seems you need; A brand new fear; To see, to be; Like the one that you agree with; And on your journey; You're talking too much;...

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3. Escape Song

I wanna meet you tonight; don't want you so uptight; I wanna see you wrong; singing to you my song; You're my song, and nothing else; You're my song, keep rollin' on; No threesome; No coming back; You...

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4. Holy Whiskey

Holy whiskey; Allow me to get high; Takes me to the sky; The world is now a better place; He left in disgrace; Wishing just to disappear; From now on he won't say cheers; Lie down in a deep sweet drea...

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5. Hurricane

You're wrong, fake staid; It makes me so frustated; You tease me like; a fucking hurricane; You won't get me now; Because i'm so upset; You won't teach me how; Hurricane girl with a hurricane love; Fi...

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6. No Thinking

No good season; Nobody gives a damn; The worst choice now; Medical exam; Living my life with utopic eyes; It's gonna be ok; What have we found anyway? The sky is falling and I feel lazy; God just stol...

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7. Not So Sad Blues

I know, sounds like a fuckin' disease; My mom let me down on the christmas eve; I've throw everything i've got away; In a situation like that, it's the better way; But no, this isn't the saddest blues...

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8. Outburst

I ride; Into a big black sky tonight; Why say; That we are not living this fight; Am I alive or am I beeing bound; I know you I know you have no crowd; Damn, I need to say; I know you from the studio;...

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9. Shoot On Spot

My father, my brother, my only lover; My bones; Your stones; Try to act like a man today; Don't say a word, you have to obey; Don't matter how hard your mind tries; It always makes you terrified; My f...

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10. Smashing Cars, Chasing Stars

Try... feel some pain; Reborn like some kind of stranger; No time for demon eyes but I feel something wrong; And realize that I just came alone; Telling I should not belong to you; Is life too short t...

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11. Three Times or More

Your tiny pussy (I want); From California (Hell Yeah!); Your Juicy pussy; I've been in hell; There's nothing better than this; Your tiny pussy; Your juicy pussy; Your tiny pussy (I want); From Califor...

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12. Whorehouse Murder

It was in a whorehouse that I've met you; I had no money in my pocket; It was with my weird charm that I've got you; And then I've took you home; Since then I never left you; but I got money in my poc...

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