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1. A Vespertine Legacy

"Prietene, nu te du acolo - este s? la? ul p? s? rii mor? ii... "; Eastern bound to far carpathia, how the rain it stings my skin; Brandy's fire and thoughts of hometown fail to quell unrest within; M...

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2. Deliver Us From Evil

"Dearly beloved brethren, we are gathered here this night; In the sight of our redeemer and our saviour Jesus christ; With his divine permission we this mission shall fulfill; And together on unholy p...

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3. End Ov Days

Behold - in dream apocalypse all satan's kingdom come; The dawn of doom in wrath entombed, let souls in fire be one; Beware deceitful daughters, sinful sons of abraham; For calamity will catch you and...

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4. Faith Will Fall

It bites me, incites me, how you don't practice what you preach; Confusions and illusions, the hidden cracks beneath your speech; The faceless, the graceless, the careworn company you keep; All-trying...

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5. The Disposer Supreme

Bleeding eyes witness this evil extreme; The last antichrist, the disposer supreme; That fateful day this wretch was born - when, hand on heart, the blood vow was sworn; I curse and damn, I loathe and...

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