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1. Corpse

Foul yes; Tusk weep; Go together to jesus; Go goat vomit into dirt; Into fire; Into tattered whore moaning; Into marginal to black night; Reap this, yes, yes; Corpse blood; Black night; Reap this bloo...

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2. Goat Chapel

Goat of the lamb; To defy and work his way; Into the spirit; This sacrilege for the beast; Will arise on the day we obey; Snakes coil on your face; Goat black night, blood, and fire; We come to sin; I...

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3. Marginal

Bitches cum on the dying blood; Of the bitch whose; Body and blood makes saints the queen; Rape the body; Rape the dying blood; Drink him; Your god’s blood; Mind root; Mind root dies; Christian faith;...

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