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1. Come Alive

I know you see the signs of the doldrums creeping in the distance; And I hope you fear the sound as the thunder rolls; Skeletons march through fields a fire; To find what they've been missing; I follo...

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2. Crash and Burn

Life is a long long road I know; Take it one day at a time; But days are wasted; I cant replace em; If im not mistaken; I don't have time for this; The nights are getting longer and longer; I swear th...

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3. Find The Time To Breath

Is life only getting harder for me? Im not running away; But it seems to be the same things over and over; My life is great; But still I feel the strain; I don't feel pain or suffering; But still my l...

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4. Gimme Love

It's hard living; Loving a music man; I'm not a saint and I make mistakes; But I'm just doing the best I can; These lonely days; Are coming down to the end my dear; Futures on fire; It's burning brigh...

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5. Go Alone (feat M Shadows)

It's been a long time since I killed a man; Some men don't need a reason why; Some people find it hard to understand; Fact is some people need to die; Revolver cold; As the stories told; His wife and ...

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6. Hail Mary!

Take your time. Do or die; We only have a moment now. Take a bow and a sigh; The finish line is catching up to us somehow; Live life no regrets. Live, learn, and correct before the pipers paid out; It...

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7. Rock Waters Edge

Little one; I know I've been away to long; When all thats right seems wrong; What can I say? Ill take the pain that comes along with days gone by; Cuz every tear we cry; Brings another day; I've been ...

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8. Terrorized In The Night

Calling all cars; I'm sounding the alarm; There's a mad man knocking at my door; I don't know what he wants; But his silence seems to haunt me; I'm feeling like he's been here before; Children lay; Fr...

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9. The Other Side

I've been feeling like a stone here; All my gathered moss in tow; So I packed up my cases; And headed into the unknown; You followed me out the back door; Silhouetted summer sweat; You knew I was leav...

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10. Tragedy

Tragedy; Why’d you come and find me; Everything was going fine without you here; You take from me; Everything I’ve ever love; You threw it all away; Damn you tragedy; Go away; Look to the skies to fin...

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11. We All Wanna Go Home

Another day begins; Feel the ocean air on you skin; Feel your heart beat pounding loud; Feel the rain as its pouring down; "its been a while" he says to the wind; With his blood shot eyes and a devils...

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12. When The Morning Comes

5 am; We slowly lose the moon as it begins again; Clocking in; Id give anything to do more than just survive in this; Breath it in; The cold, crisp morning air has now become your friend; Tell me this...

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