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1. Appetite

Somewhere there's someone like me; Living like a gipsy in a fairytale; Somewhere around the world; Dreaming something, feeling passion, singing songs; Oh it's like an endless journey; Oh it's like fal...

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2. Bare Hands

Kidnapped when you were just a boy; No experience, youth was just a toy; Goodbye innocence, death emrodies your salvation; Kill or be killed, another match - abomnation; Say goodbye - kill or die - fe...

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3. Devil On My Shoulder

Fun but illegal, don't care what I do; I've heard a voice in my head since when I was born; Fever - burning deep in my soul; I'm not alone in my head - out of control; Higher! A little creature whispe...

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4. Le Cirque Des Horreurs

There is the hot girl, a wanna be model; There's the ugly one, who thinks she is delicious; There's the school girl, who wanna blow her teacher; The same people over and over again; There is the smart...

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5. Naked

I want to touch your skin; kiss your lips still with the taste of wine; I need all your movements; and hear your breath please free our minds; Crazy angel shake for me tonight 'till the morning lights...

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6. Proud

Oh, once upon a time there were four little kids with a dream in mind; They were raised with hope and a little twist of insanity; Yeah, oh, yeah; 'Cause they, they've tried to put us down; They've tri...

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7. Raise Your Drinkin' Glass

We are more than meets the eyes tonight, you know I know my part; There are no sounds around us now.. can you hear my heart? Now it burns like a star..I lose myself on your lips; And you light up my s...

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8. Shadow Of The Monster

Shape-change king of strange; I dwell in the shadow of the monster; A gun to the head, a knife in the back; beware of the creature in black; Mind control monster show, together I walk with the devil; ...

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9. The Life Death Of Mr. Nobody

His poor weakened karma; Took wing and faded away - it's no longer here; (not been in a long time); His whispered innocence, his missing self-defense; Made him pleasing for the wolves; He smokes a cig...

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10. Try Me, Hate Me

Welcome to my special world, "no life" man; Welcome to my real emotions; Snoop around, listen in, why do you look at me? What are you looking for? You're living with a tendency, a terrible dependency;...

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