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1. As The Shadows Move

As the Shadows Move; Last night I walked in streets alone...to share the pain with stones.. talked with strangers,got drugs and food As the time takes its toll...as the shadows move..I can see you're ...

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2. Dream Light

Dream Light; Night runs like sea She woke up from a day dream The wind blows over a small cold lake She feels the pain so deep inside The last stranger soul in her life A broken promise, and a broken ...

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3. Hypnotized

Hypnotized; Believe me I can ease your pain You've been confused and hypnotized (cry like a child) You're lost, you lose yourself in a blind sight Come to me I never push you down; I know you were lan...

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4. Listen To The Night

Listen to the Night; Take all chances, hold on you better listen to the night You'll pay all the prices, diving into the danger Live into the night; World is turning..to another morning Listen to the ...

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5. Secrets

Secrets; Give me a piece, a piece of time Love, lost and harmony Take out my suffer Anger, fear and irony Key word is losin, What is dearest...always missing what is needed; Ain't gonna pay for a dime...

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6. The Hour Of Dying

Once you tried and faced the fear there's nothing left to feel building a bridge over the sea of betrayal sailing ships across the world buried in the fields of hurt so many tears of dead ones a lesso...

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