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1. Fairytale

Lock my heart down, you couldn't swallow all your keys; Could you boy; I'm on fire, how does it feel inside to breathe it; Harder now; Crawl inch by inch out of that hat you stuck me in; You're gonna ...

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2. Here

It's been said that I have made up my mind; That i know what im doing here; I've been called too easily mesmerized; Fall in to love just like you; Was my intention to scab and let you bruise; But I ne...

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3. Lost

Look away; I must have done it to myself as it; Swells inside me; Don't pay; Any attention to me if I shake; And breathe in fast; Cause I; Can't see through my own eyes; And I; Separate my mind from e...

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4. Medicated

You calm like a rainstorm, drown like a hurricane; Show up like a rainbow, but leave as the lightening; You glow like a candle, burn me down when I'm standing; You roar like an lion but it whispers in...

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5. Tainted Love

Sometimes I feel i've got to; Run away I've got to; Get away; From the pain you drive into the heart of me; The love we share; Seems to go nowhere; And I've lost my light; For I toss and turn I can't ...

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