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1. Bat Shit Crazy (Feat. Sly)

Now if you fuck around I'm going bat shit crazy; And when I go to town hell nah I'm never lazy; My logic is the verdict if feel that you deserve it; You can best believe that you gonna be hurting; Don...

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2. Hold Me Down

Can't wait can't wait on anything; Can't wait on what the future brings; Can't wait on love need it all right now; Can't wait on friends gotta have a tight crowd; Could we just skip the introductions;...

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3. I Don't Give a Fuck

A while back yeah I might have been caught up with stupid shit; Just looking for acceptance or some of that cupid shit; A couple years later now I just don't give a fuck; And if I ever give a fuck the...

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4. Plastic

Keep seeking new thrills cause you so impatient; Never climb the hills no your too complacent; But you really better see the view from summit; You gotta rise soon or you're only gonna plummit; This ai...

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5. The Hole

Yo I just call it the hole and it's all filled up with that quicksand; Pulls you in and don't let go to use you like a kickstand; A land so shallow that they all be floating on the surface; Get sucked...

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6. The Hunt

Maybe they're all lying and maybe they're cheating; But I know all too well of what I believe in; Never holding back just what I'm really feeling; I don't see no reason in playing and teasing; You can...

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