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1. Bad Girl

You got me like a hurricane; Your love is strange, it's so insane; But I already got used, so I am here and you there; it's amazing how you used to ignore me; But now it seems that finally sees; That ...

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2. Going Crazy

A day at school; I was sitting on a bench; you passed and smiled; I was almost at the end; my song for you; is something that I can not show to anyone; it is special; is so magical; you know it's the ...

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3. Need Your Life

I'm sorry if I ever hurt you; I'm sorry if I ever made you angry; And maybe nothing can be true; and maybe nothing can be scary; No need, care for me; I don’t deserve, you can believe; in your eyes, I...

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4. Seven Keys

In a time I can be laughing of everything; In other, I can be crying for nothing; Don't try to guess my reaction; And so much less all my actions, Don't be scared with my passed, please, I just can't ...

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