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1. Acid Love Code

I'll be your fastest flight; When I'll cut off your chains; I'll be your sharpest blade; For your moments of pain; Me - the sweetest poison; That will flow through your veins; I'll be the coldest rain...

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2. Alienate Me

Walkin' on your streets; In front of me you're silent; Like an overdose; You make me feel outside and; What I look around; Is only imagination; But I can see the reality; If I look in your eyes... Urb...

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3. Alive

I come from a human hand; And I know you all but you don't; And I belong to nothing, you can perceive; My reality has not sense to you all; But who said that I need your sense? I come from a strange m...

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4. Amnesia

A fragile wall beyond your mind; And everything's stranger; Try to fall down; Searching for you; And it's hard to feel; To live and try; To synchronize; And to understand; Once you were so near; And s...

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5. Crystal Bullet

I was living in a little box; Sorrow made; Broken up just like you; When there comes the rain; I wont turn around; I'm afraid, away; All that I ever wanted to play; I am frozen like an angel; I can fe...

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6. Digital Blood

Can you taste; What I can feel; When I fall in pieces; And I can’t free; What I’m living; Inside a box of emotions? It’s like an intense emergency; Like a fluid is becoming erosive; And you need to kn...

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7. Disorder

Again, again; I've tried to reach my other me in a space unplaced; Where everything has lost its own image; I've tried and I've wished to find a way to fade away; Where everything could make me over.....

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8. E-race Generation

Still in a frame of my mind; I get a gun; I'm a "lady-borderline"; I've sold you pills of fear and fun; So that you felt alive; But insane; In my eyes; You saw your face; Bleeding empty... ; He said:;...

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9. Hybrid Moments

There is nothing between evil and love; If the enemy's a part of your life; Even happiness can be full of hate; Living hybrid moments; There is nothing between morning and night; If a part of your reg...

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10. I Feel You

I feel you, your sun it shines; I feel you within my mind; You take me there; You take me where the kingdom comes; You take me to; And lead me through babylon; This is the morning of our love; It's ju...

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11. Love Like Aliens

Little girl without your desolation; Across the eye you see; You lie; Little boy you need a medication; She cuts you with your screams; And lie; I remember the day we were free to smile the world arou...

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12. Psychic Vamp

(I'm gonna make you cry); Just another situation; Cold minds tryin' transformations; You live in a crystal paradise; Pretending to be free and alive; But every second you live; Is a blind contradictio...

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13. Sitting On The Moon

Once again I'm sitting on the moon; It's too late to follow me now; I stay in front of many years; A glittering silence that nobody knows; Let me shine Let me smile; Let me kiss the sky; Let me shine ...

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14. Teargas

Like a blade; Once I made a crime; I let you taste my pain; A scar inside it's hard to clean; And it's growing on! To feel like; Feeling like a teargas; Which slides like an hybrid emotion; To feel li...

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15. Voices

There's something cold beyond my actions; In front of you I feel lost; And bloodless; Like a piece of glass; Like an independent second; The time has lost each meaning; And I wait outside my dress; Ju...

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16. Your Killer Toy

This is not the beginning of life; This is not the truth; But I wonder if I'll know all your pain again; Cause there is nothing more inside your heart; If nothing chases you; Floating eyes are in your...

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