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1. Dancing In The Sun

The Man is lost, the battle waged; Saw his blood and kill some old bad thoughts; Drowned in sorrow forced by world; That boundary, I've crossed; In this old boat, we are dancing in the sun; Suddenly, ...

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2. Mary (The End)

This pain, I take was made with gold; I can't stay, I'm surrounded by ghosts; And loneliness it's a cover of me; Don't call me now, Mary; The autumn has go, the moon and the cold; Are chains of my hea...

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3. O Fim

Sem contar a primeira vez; Consertar o que não fez; Pra recomeçar e compreender; Sorrir em paz, entristecer; Torturar ao falecer; Sintetizar o que em você; Vai tentar sair, navegar; Um desproveito de ...

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4. The Old Sailor's Crow

My body in bed; My tired Soul; Feeling painful; By weight of the air; The times are changing; And I'm coming down; The old fucked sailor; Dying in a stranger town; And this nightmare; Looks like will ...

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