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1. Bizarre Murderer

There is something in my veins, it comes alive, and I can't hide; There is something in the stars; And while we seek the end, we won't find it, cause we're too high; There something in the stars. ; An...

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2. Fatal Kid

Get on tight, we're running out, I'll bet myself on it; An half time liar, an empty file, your self esteem; Age of the mine the paradise, there's something you've never did; Illegal desire, and empty ...

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3. No Longer Beats

Because it moves against you; We are not part of your routine; Your thought is nothing but lies well told. But after all, you are there. ; Faking and feeling, your pretty face full of brief case cover...

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4. Save Me

Your mind is trying to convince you to forget the truth; Glimpses at the sight, and the smell of exhaled blood; You look is dry, ya grim smile, as if your mind doesn't understand your reactions; Hot s...

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5. Until It Be True

My heart does not depends on you, but you're getting me down; Dear friend, would never make me fool, did you see how it sounds; BRIDGE; We gotta realize that it's hard to get over it; And blow up the ...

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