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1. Conquest Your Dreams

Don’t stop in the edge of the way. Every you can; Try yourself the short cut; Cross all difficulties. Surprise your fear. Go your own way. Break all the walls inside your mind. Find the answers and th...

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2. Glasstime

Going to the anywhere; Don’t know the reason why; Goin’ to the outside of your square; I’m walking in the way; Looking for the landscape; The sand at the glasstime is going out; At all my time; I wast...

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3. Hi-technology

Today I woke up early; Sounds bring me up! Another world will open the doors. Maybe the future is coming up! Day by day we suffer more. My friends are dying and I lost the all. I try to help they but ...

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4. Lost Friendship

Once I met you and consider you my friend; Once I trust you but I was so blind; I thought I knew but left me alone; Don’t you feel for it; Friendship’s not something you can play; I like my friend but...

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