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1. Always

In my chamber tonight my door is open; So many things run trough my mind; Where would I be right now what would I do; The answer is not hard to find; Nowhere can be a better place; than anywhere I can...

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2. Blood Sacrifice

In my life in my name; as the fading sun has told; ThereÂ’s a light in the night; that will tell which way to go; The reason why you say your prayers; light falls that shine like tears; fooled by the ...

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3. Can’t Love Everyone

Darkness surround you; lonely here again; struggling on and on; can’t keep away the pain; No one cares if you’re still alive; It has always been the same; You can’t love everyone; let no one take your...

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4. Evil Days

There’s a fire inside and it’s shining so bright; can you tell how like to be wild; Just how long will it take `till the silence will break; To find reason to fight for the right; There’s a blank poin...

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5. Heel

Time to get up on your feet yeah believe it; the battlefield is open aggression`s in the air; Together we will stand and no one will surrender; we can feel the end is near; Nobody’s left behind true g...

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6. No Longer In Darkness

No one hear you pray inside your life’s in vain; Can’t go on another day; The voices in your mind they penetrate your soul; Is not leaving you behind; But you can turn away; You must face your inner f...

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7. Northern Light

Behold the mighty northern light forever in the sky; Eternally it shine so bright and never gonna die; Wondering about gods all creation; Existence of all you can see; The sun that’s shining every day...

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8. Paradise

I close my eyes remember his smile; He was a man but his mind just like a childs; Now he is gone has left us all behind; Our hearts filled with sorrow can’t understand why; Now he is gone,yes, he aint...

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9. Stay

Now I am back, I am moving on; From misery I rise again; My soul was empty lack of joy; But now I`ve found my peace of mind; Now it`s been a while; Looking back I lost my pride; But I found my way; No...

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10. Take Your Way

Here I am trapped in a small place; Watching my dreams fade away; all this time hard work and disgrace; no one believes anyway; Get out try to find a better deal; Go on gotta make it real; Take your w...

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11. Turn Your Back On Me

You’ve been out chasing souls; Spirits high there’s no way you`re loosing; See the light when it feels so cold; I’ve been lost inside your heart; you broke my soul; Faith has turned oh it feels in my ...

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