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1. Ashes

Curse. I bleed. My sorrow so hollow. ; In the dusk of eternity where agony; like fire flows in veins. There in heart lies a secret that beckons. All the tears I cried that made me see; that life is no...

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2. Enemy

Life's full of anger. I am the nail in eye's of few... But I watch the suffering of you, making your hate survive. ; Loneliness, virulence is what you feel! Was it the pain of the game that you lost? ...

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3. Hypnosis

I wake up to see you set a world in flames, just like a flare. I've come to hear your cries again and again. Counting tides, in dreams your safe; with me and here, we spend the darkness in togethernes...

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4. I Am Alive

Hiding my pain in this womb where i lie; I can't heal no more as i, resemble this cry, Why? Tears of the dragon still falls from the sky, And the hands of our father still shivers from cold. ; Hear me...

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5. Last Drop Of Blood

In the end the measure of life is an endless flame, still burning. And all the life, that counts down in time, neglects me. ; In the end of life comes a change and the mystery; is fading. Far in the w...

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6. Moments

I seek my dominion, Lost we all are in paradise soil. Faith gives and then taketh away, Erode sins away. Holy water see all that's reflecting from within memories. Breathe in utter depth of my life, B...

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7. Nothing

Followed by the morning breeze; In the sun I rest my head; Thinking of a memories; And the times we had in the past; Dream; Noone can live life in loneliness; Only stars in the sky far away; In the vo...

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8. Salvation

Endless despair in the wastelands, Of a world that left someone cold. I know what we all can feel from the hunger, In those eye's upon the screen. Trying to find all the answers, But a clue was lost i...

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9. Tears Of Prodigy

Raining tears from heaven. That will guide my dreams in time. Breaking bonds of treason. With the fallen angel. ; Errors come to haunt you. From the chambers of thy will. Errors come and haunt you now...

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10. The Other Side

I wonder where I'll go, without you hear. I wonder what I'll do, so far away from you... ; Naive orbs, I could see the pain there. Hiding away from times of that day... Naive orbs are we hiding away. ...

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11. The Permanent End Celebration

Here I lay beneath the alter cold. In a dream I used to see myself this way. Now I know a time will come for me; and a day this mourning will become real... ; Reach for the hand that will take you in;...

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