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1. Back and Forth

Dressed like the wind and calm like the water; Can't they see she is even hotter; Than the sun; Than the light; Than the gun; Than the sight; I am gonna make it all mine and throw it all behind; Verse...

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2. Call Me

You called me again in the edge of the night; Can feel the pain of your soul in my mind; Why do you come cry over me? Can feel my heart beating faster; Likewise can feel so strong; In a blink of an ey...

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3. Good Old Days

If you think you know this place well; ?Cause you won your gold medals in here; I tell you; Don't brag yourself when it turns into hell; Past is past and present is life; Life; Life; You're going up t...

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4. I Let You Guide

She is coming close to me; Drown by the melody she strongly feels; And we turn just one; Rounded by tranquility of a pure spirit; Chorus; Let the feeling take you high; Don't even mind to say goodbye;...

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5. Kind Of Strange

My home , my head; My dream , my bed; People are walking with no faces; Leaving no traces; The moon appears at day; I guess she's got a lot to say; To be a mirror is not easy; But I don't mind, as lon...

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6. My Place

I am here, over the top. As it has to be; I climbed the mountain none stop, now it's time for me; I saw the day pass by and the night survived; I wonder if the prince hides at night; Listen up! My arm...

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7. On My Own

Right up in the sky there ?s a light with diamond eyes that hit you; Right up through the storm they feel and keep me warm at night; They blow and float around when thunder hits the sound of love; I'm...

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8. Revolution

I'm feeling upright 'cause I'm here; While you are blaming the sun; While everybody is walking at the road; We are flying away from the stones that fall; We can go where no-one goes; I'm gonna live my...

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9. Rock Is Free

Tough you may think I'm not the answer; I think I know I'm not a chancer; Yeah; I think my shoes are doing fine; Don't ever try to walk on line; Yeah; Chorus; Free to be whatever I want; Free to be wh...

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10. Taste The Sun

How can I shed all the light out of my head ? And tell a six year old boy daddy is dead; Wake up, a brand new day; You know I ain't got much to say; Don't mind living in hell; ?Cause deep from darknes...

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11. That Sound

What is the sound ringing round your brain? It makes such noise that I can't explain; My senses are down and I don't know why; Now on clouds I'm about to fly; What is the sound ringing round your brai...

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