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1. Forgotten Beauty

Under the moonlight I gaze; At despair of the candles fading away; A name carved in the ashes; A pale memory; Through an icy thought; A noir swan into a blood tarn; A luminous angel; To believe in a p...

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2. Four Tears, Four Daemons

I looked through; That broken mirror; Once again; Four tears I have cried; One for my deathly trapped soul; One; For their nauseam fake feelings. One for the loved ones; That said goodbye; And one for...

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3. I Feel Through Pain

Frozen movements running after me; Burning feelings hear my voice; Just like something staring at my yesterday; Lying on glasses, it catches the pain, it kisses my pain; And breaks my heart; May a bea...

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4. I Hate You

I hate you…; I dream of your death; Again and again; Take up the gauntlet; And come to me…; Once again…; Snakes all around you; Will taste your flesh; I’ll be watching your hideous face; You’ll bleed,...

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5. In a White Page

I will drown; In a white page once again; I will ask; For your black thoughts; I will face your fears; Struggling to find my breaths; I will try to taste; Your images once again; Sorrow, curses and an...

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6. In Deep Red

The green gem swam into deep colors; Visions keep me in captivity; But I want to see you; And still I dream, Still I wish to reach your soul; A red river brims out from my veins; Its anger covers my h...

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7. Like Snow In Her Hand

In a dream... Golden fields drown in shadows…; Helpless angels deny their shine; Fairy queens lost their beauty; And warrior elves distinguish her strength; Her ocean suffocates innocence; When the co...

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8. Never Again

Once a dream was reality; Once I was living in the sky, Among the stars; I hadn’t fell the color of loneliness; I hadn’t touched; The tear of fire; But you froze; My bright visions; You scattered thor...

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9. Touching The Void

Through the night; I cross a path onto the sea; I stare at the mourning faces bowing; On bended knees; I have no recollection of ages passed and gone; I have no recollection; Of the color of life itse...

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10. Your Morbid Figure

Welcome to my realm; Where I thrive and decay; I invite you; To the garden of no life; Blackness all around; Piercing through my core; Walk with me the groove; Of dark pleasure and excess; Caress my b...

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