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1. All I Do

Hed Kandi - All I Do; I'm Thinking baby, (Girl your always on my mind); 'bout; you baby, (Whoa oh whoa, yeah yeah yeah yeah); I'm Thinking baby, (You got me thinking) 'Bout you; baby, (All I do is thi...

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2. Dare Me

Baby, make your move, step across the line, Touch me one more time, come on, dare me! I wanna take you on, I know I can't lose, I'll be loving you if you just dare me. ; I've got a chip on my shoulder...

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3. Fade

Look at me, stare inside... Take my place, in my mind... Capture me, follow through.. Validate, wanting you.... ; Its been a long long time; Since you've been on my mind; And I, I must for get about; ...

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4. Man In The Mirror

I'm gonna make a change, for once im my life; It's gonna feel real good, gonna make a diference; Gonna make it right... ; As I, turn up the collar on; my favorite winter coat; This wind is blowing my ...

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5. No Ordinary Morning

If there was nothing that I could say; Turned your back and you just walked away; Leaves me numb inside I think of you; Together is all I knew; We moved too fast but I had no sign; I would try to turn...

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6. Rain Down Love

Same thing, sunshine; Got change on my mind; I can't say it's alright; 'Cause I need a cloudburst in my life; Thunder-shower; When love flowers; Baby, it's alright; To just get soaking wet tonight; No...

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7. Shine

It's about to be on... It's about to be on... ; Ya'll came here to give it up; So come on and show me what you got; It's about to be on baby non-stop; Tonight you're gonna get your time to shine; Nobo...

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8. Sparks

No matter gay or grim; It's those tiny little sparks; Daily life that makes me; Forget my wounded heart; It doesn't matter when; It may rain or it may shine; Blurred memories of us; Come back from tim...

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9. Swollen

With you in my garden; its more peaceful inside; I don’t need anything else; to make me feel alive; You electrify me; And I want to be in your arms; for always; for always; Our love is swollen; Made o...

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