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1. Beast Unleashed

Here I come; I will step into your grave; Here you lay; Below my god damned axe; Fear me – Rat! Let this fear blow your head; I’m coming straight; Cause Satan sends me here! I spit on you and your use...

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2. Dark Forest Calls

Twilight, the demons are awakening. Power is comming to us all. The moon lights in my axe. Screamming for the blood. ; I pray for the moments of madness. I hear the voice of night crows. For thy comes...

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3. Glory

Strongly the wind blows, as we march towards the Rising Sun. Many of us - dead, but many are still fighting brave. Still the Victory has not come, we will win as fast as we can, Run or stay on feet - ...

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4. Masquerade

Somewhere, at the edge of the Worlds; The Black Angels are crawling forwards; With their hands covered in blood; They destroy the sacred earth; The scream arised, like a bird; The winds of fear has co...

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5. Sin

The Day has come; When the Gates will be open; The Key in my hand; I wont let it go; Slowly marching upstairs; Long and crabbed; I’ll go through the doorstep; Let it be fulfilled; Sin! I feel Sin! Sin...

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6. Through The Fields

Here lays the thoughts of all humanity. From all of the graves, This one is the biggest one. The raging desire. Braking the barriers of the frozen heart. ; Under the sky; Were walking through fields, ...

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7. Where God Don't Have A Word To Tell

Let me tell you a story with no end; Where the history is real; You can listen, and then you can go there; With heart full of Darkness and Pain; Far from here, where god don’t have a word to tell; Whe...

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