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1. Don't Complain

Girls always try to impress everyone; as they come their way; They all want to believe; that the boys will change if they like what they see; Girls try and like to think that... ; Everyone tries to be...

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2. Keys

His eyes are open; but he just wont see; It's all around him; but it's not where he wants to be; He drives me crazy; when he bitches and yells; Sometimes I wish that; he would fuck off and go to hell;...

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3. Later

GOOD BYE AND FUCK YOU; Cant you see that its; To late for your ass; So come take your shit back; Why do you; Always kick me when I'm down; Lie to me; Cause I know you sleep around; Well when I first m...

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4. Michelle

She's standing all alone; She's waiting by the telephone; Those lonely nights; And still she cries some more... Die you Fucking whore; When I woke up; You really needed some make up; I must been real ...

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5. Save The Best For Last

Sometimes the snow comes down in June; Sometimes the sun goes round the moon; Just when I thought a chance had passed; You went and saved the best for last; All of those nights you came to me; When so...

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6. Wake Up

I'm sick of all this pointless aggravation; Change is something I don't know; And with all this frustration and constant masturbation; Come on Mom just leave me alone; Alone now…; Wake up and get dres...

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